Cuisine Theme
Eat, Drink and be Merry

Feasting is a universally popular pastime. These collections are built around toasts and feeding words. Collection titles include Bon Appetit (shown above),  Skal, Cheers, Salut,  Fruit, Veggies, Wine, Cheese and Salt/Pepper

Big Words Theme
Visual Word Puzzles about Profound Ideas

Using words and phrases with special meaning, these puzzles invite the viewer to participate in deciphering the intent. The titles offer clues to these visual riddles: Imagine from the Inside Out (shown above), Balance is Hard to Find, Family is Complicated, Serenity Grows, Welcome Every Which Way and many more.

Winter Holiday Theme
Celebrating Family and Faith

Both religious and secular designs appropriate for cards celebrate a diversity of holidays occurring in midwinter. Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year form the core of this theme.

Faith Theme
Religious Texts and Words

Hymn lyrics, sacred texts, and spiritual concepts are the text bases on which these collections are built. Collection titles include Easter Alleluia, Hope Springs Eternal, and Grace(shown above).

First Names Theme
What's in a Name?

This collection of radial designs lend themselves to a variety of personalized items. All girls' names include a border around the basic design appropriate for scarves. Collection title includes Abigail, Annika, Ava, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Madison, Mary, and Mona. Shown above is Andrew.

Custom Work
Unique Exclusive Designs

Mary will design your exclusive wedding invitation, birth announcement, mission statement, business logo, conference promotional material or other project. Shown above: Julie, Wynne, Melanie.

Father Time Theme
Days, Months and Years

Each month's name is incorporated into a design to intrigue and engage. Keep those brains working in the coming year!

Congratulations Theme
Phrases to Launch

Designs include messages appropriate for birthday, graduation, travel, new job, new home, new baby, new marital status. Collection titles include  Birthdays Grow (shown above), Heart in Home, Congratulations, Bon Voyage, Godspeed, New Beginning, It's a boy, It's a Girl.

Mary DeArment
Designs For License
L'Chaim Theme
Jewish Wisdom and Wit

L'chaim, Mazel Tov and Shalom (shown above).

3 R's Theme
For Educators, Parents, Students

Punctuation Keyholes, Riddles, Breath Riddle (shown above).